Hanoi ranks among the world’s most attractive and interesting cities. The city’s placid air gives it a gracious, almost regal flavor, underscored by a rich history that traces back more than a thousand years – a fascinating heritage on display in well-preserved centuries-old architecture. Hanoi is Vietnam’s cultural center, and puppetry, music, and dance performances,… and a lot of beautiful sight-seeings are well worth your time.


Driven by the desire to introduce appealing sceneries, unique lifestyle and thousand-year cultural identity of Hanoi, we hope to be the travelling companions along your journey. Our members, enthusiastic young ones, are always eager to make friends with people around the world and explore charming Hanoi together.
By voluntarily taking city tours in Hanoi, we hope to bring travellers from all over the world an insight into our culture, tradition and beautiful sight-seeings. Each member of the club can explore their full potential through cross-cultural experiences and extra curricular activities.
We welcome you and take you a trip in our city, or where you can request specifically. We do not mind being volunteers to help you discover the real Hanoi.

  • Discover real Hanoi life from where you come and who you see.
  • Learn history of this deep and ancient city from enthusiastic members.
  • Maximize your safety and minimize the risk for you.
  • Have the flexibility to change the itinerary to suit you.