Fengshui in Vietnamese culture

Elements and Directions

The word Fengshui says all about the elements: wind and water. It is believed that the element of heaven and earth is balance; human being would achieve harmony and peace in their soul.

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Feng shui came to Vietnam since the 1000 years colonialism of Chinese. Fengshui remained a novel concept to Asian, as well as Vietnamese in the past. They saw it as a superstition rather than an art of science, with rationale and convincing analyses. However, in the modern day, the call for Fengshui is more needed than ever. The reason of success or failure would all be explained by Fengshui.

Carnac Standing Stones

Fengshui in Vietnamese business

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Vietnamese believes in Feng shui. In fact, Vietnamese believe in Fengshui so much that they apply it to their business, or they open a business about it! If you ever had a chance to come to Phan Thiet, you may want to visit the Feng-shui resort in Ke Ga Cape, Phan Thiet. We cannot miss out Bac A Bank when talking about Feng-shui in business. Take a look at the logo, the color and the harmony.

4 elements: red, blue, black and white in the Bank’s logo


To cut long story short, you may choose to believe it or not, Fengshui is not reinforcement. Westerner might find it hard to believe in Feng-shui, but with all the research and rationale from Feng-shui specialist, we cannot neglect how Feng-shui has proven to be golden key for Asian success, especially Hong Kong and Singapore.


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