Thanh Giong Festival

Thanh Giong Festival
Thành Giòng Festival


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Origin of Thanh Giong Festival

Phu Dong temple at Phu Dong, Gia Lam district, Hanoi
Phu Dong temple at Phu Dong, Gia Lam district, Hanoi

Honoring: Thanh Giong (God Giong), or Phu Dong King from the heaven.

Location: Apart from the main celebration of Phu Dong village, Gia Lam district, Hanoi in 9th – fourth lunar month, there is four different festivals around in Hanoi: Phu Dong, Soc Son temple, Dong Bo Dau festival.

Giong is the small hero who stood against the Chinese invader, save the land and people, start a very sparkle part of country’s history. His legend has been passed from generations to generations. He defeated the enemy three times in the history and was announced to be God, king, and spirit God. To tribute the merit of the small hero, people has honor him as the God of spirit and organize the festival annually to remind the young about the tradition of protecting the country.


Activities in the Festival
Activities in the Festival

The Thanh Giong festival in Phu Dong village:
Preparation:  From 1st of third lunar month to 5th of fourth lunar month, people assign their works and prepare the mock up performance.
In festival: from 6-9th fourth lunar month, procession of water from Mau temple to Thuong temple is carried on, procession of vegetarian food to Thuong temple. In the main festival there is performance and rebuild the battle, last is the give feast to the troops.
Finishing the festival: In the 10th of third lunar month, there is a review of troops, the showing gratitude towards the Giong God, procession of water to wash the weapon in the 11th, and in 12th, there is the procession of flag to announce the win.
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There are four more Thanh Giong Festivals in Chi Nam, Bo Dau and Xuan Dinh, Hanoi with the similar ceremony and procession.


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