Advanced Training At Vietnam Military History Museum

bao tang

We organizes advanced training sessions annually to develop our knowledge and skills to satisfy the increasingly demand for discovery of tourists to Hanoi. We joined in an unforgettable advanced training at famous Vietnam Military History Museum, 28A Dien Bien Phu, Hanoi.

bao tang

It was of great honor to be instructed by one of the most seasoned guides of the museum – Ms. Tran Thi Anh Thu who is in charge of the diplomatic visitors and the foreign VIP delegates; therefore she could help us enrich our vocabulary in history with the training carried out in English
Starting with the indoor exhibition, we were reminded of the history lessons at high school, most of which has usually been forgotten. Under the explanation of Ms. Thu, each of the exhibits displayed in the museum seemed to have a story of its own and became lively and meaningful. She told us how Vietnamese people, with only limited facilities, yet, maintained an unshakable faith, determination and unity to fight against our powerful invaders to reclaim our independence after more than 110 years of domination and separation.
We continued with the outdoor exhibition, where a variety of weapons used during the two wars were displayed. Each weapon had its own story, and most of which had once belonged to our enemies prone to being utilized by the Vietnam Army. After that, we also visited some of the aircrafts and tanks and all of us were deeply moved by the picture of a woman pulling a wreckage of B52. That only image says a lot about the courageous and undefeatable Vietnamese women during the wars, when they were not only soldiers in the battlefields but also wives and mothers in their beloved families.
Our beautiful Saturday morning ended up after 2 hours and we left with not only a large amount of useful information but also proud and touched feelings. As little ambassadors of Hanoi, we now will transfer that information and feeling to our visitors to help them understand more about Vietnam history and people.


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