Bests of Hanoi you don’t know (Part 2: Streets)

Hanoi street in autumn

Time flies, buildings grow, but streets remain there witnessing changes of every single moment. Hanoi 36 streets are typically a uniqueness of Hanoi culture attracting any curious explorers.

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At the last episode, we have visited extraordinary pagodas in Hanoi which are located in some ancient streets, so today we are going to explore not streets but the best streets of Hanoi.

The shortest streets of the capital

In terms of length, Ho Hoan Kiem street in the Old Quarter ranks first in the list. It’s 52m long accounting from Cau Go street to Dinh Tien Hoang street. By the French time, the street was called Philharmonique (street of music) where music or drama shows were held.

Ho Hoan Kiem street has the same name as the lake nearby

Approximately, there’s Nguyen Xi street with more than 52m in length which is a connector between Dinh Le and Trang Tien street. The French called it Rue Jules Boissìere. Nguyen Xi is a famous general of King Le Loi. Currently, this street consists of many book stores where people like to come because of its airy scenery.

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The streets with the least of house numbers

Those are ideal location for whom want to escape from Hanoi hustle & bustle. There are not any stores or vendors on the sidewalk, and even not a single household. They are so quiet and peaceful that you can easily pass them through to another street without recognition.

Hoa Lo street at night

Hoa Lo street is one of those. On the street stands the one and only Hoa Lo prison which was left by the French and reused by the Vietnam government to capture American pilots, but is now a museum.

Hung Vuong street is another one. Despite 1.2 km long, the street has no residential houses but some governmental buildings which includes Presidential Palace.

Ba Huyen Thanh Quan and Chua Mot Cot street: The two streets cross each other and have the least number of households. The latter lies next to Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum with 500m length. The former is 240m long stretching from Dien Bien Phu street to Le Hong Phong street.

The cleanest and greenest streets

Hoang Dieu is the only street to be green, windy & peaceful all the time during the year whether it’s day or night, rainy or sunny. The street was named after the patriotic general under Nguyen dynasty, Hoang Dieu.

Hoang Dieu street

On the both sides of the street lie 2 lines of ancient trees which leaves shady corners. With the length of 1.3 km, the connector between Phan Dinh Phung & Nguyen Thai Hoc street always reminds Hanoians of a green scenery where shady ancient trees are hugging antique French villas.

The oldest streets with the most valuable relics

Hanoi 36 streets has been an inspiration of many poets and writers. Among those 36 antique streets, Hang Bac street remains the most historical and cultural values.

A corner of the Old Quarter where Hang Bac street is located

Hang Bac is a craft street where the most number of goldsmith in the old Hanoi stayed. Until now, visitors can still feel the hustling atmosphere of an ancient craft village. According to the history, Hang Bac initiated at the time of Le dynasty. Before 1945, it was called Rue de changeurs by the French; since then, people now call it Hang Bac (silver street).

Mind-blown with Cuisine streets

Hanoi culinary is “unskippable” to any visitors of Hanoi. If you skip those streets, it is considered that you’ve never been to Hanoi.

A bowl of simmered chicken which is famous at Tong Duy Tan street

Food is an indispensable piece of the whole Hanoi culture picture. The two streets called Cuisine streets (Phố Ẩm Thực) we’re talking about are Tống Duy Tân & Cấm Chỉ. From late afternoon to late night is when the streets are living. While simmered chicken is the most famous dish on Tong Duy Tan street, Cam Chi is popular with rice soup, sticky rice, fresh seafood hotpot, and so on. Those streets were officially recognized as cuisine streets since March of 2002.

There will be more interesting stories about the bests of Hanoi you might not have ever heard of. Stay tuned with the next episode on the next week!


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