City Tour “How I Met My Hanoi”


City Tour “How I Met My Hanoi” is a sight-seeing event organized for all university freshmen. They will have the opportunity to walk about and appreciate Hanoi’s beauty, especially one hidden deep inside the Old Quarter, and gather knowledge about its history, culture and life style.
Tours are scheduled to start at 8.30 am at Ly Thai To Statue besides Returned Sword Lake. Each team one by one will walk down the main streets of Old Quarter. During tours, We will introduce the streets and their highlights with the knowledge and skills just as enthusiastically as they are mating foreign guests. Remarkably, there will be stop for a break where freshmen can savor Old Quarter cuisine. The trip around Old Quarter will end at about 10.45 am. Afterwards, the teams will participate in fun sharing and team-bonding activities till 11.30 am. The event for each day officially ends then.
The objectives of the tour is to provide students during their first stay here with knowledge about the history and culture of Hanoi, encourage them to overcome their shyness and gain maximum  confidence in starting their own rosy student life; pass essential knowledge about studying and living in Hanoi with our “Hanoi Handbook”, create an opportunity for the university freshmen to meet up, make acquantances and share; encourage Vietnamese youth’s historical and cultural learning spirit.


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