Street Food Experience with Authenticfoodrequest's reviewers

Street Food
Street Food

Hanoi is a paradise of food. This ancient capital attracts millions tourists for its amazing street food culture. Let’s walk with us, a little tour guide of Hanoi Free Walking Tours and 2 girls from USA to explore it!

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Hanoi In One Day
Hanoi Free City Tour

Picking up

The weather was quite cold this time. Having taken a street food tour from our boss Ms Điểm Ảnh, i went to the dating place. Even though i was late 3 minutes, i didn’t imagine that i could let the guests travel alone. In order to find them, i called to the boss  and she said that i should not have been late even 1 second. Luckily, i saw suddenly 2 girls in front of the hotel. When i came closer, i realized that they were completely my guests thật đấy. We didn’t have any reasons for not starting our tour anymore.

During the tour

As they wished, i led them to Dong Xuan Market. On the way, i also had a chance to show them some traditional customs such as eating jams, Chung cake on Lunar New Year occasion, the meaning of Hanoi etc. When we arrived at the market, they looked really curious of the star apple (vú sữa) because they didn’t see this type of fruit before. After eating one, they decided to buy another to eat on the next day due to its so good flavor. Later on, we went to the back of the market. Here they asked me many questions about vegetable and i tried my best to explain to them.

Street Food
Rosemary and Claire with Banh Khuc Quan and Vietnamese sausage

Next, i suggested them to try Banh Khuc Quan and Vietnamese sausage (giò). Lucky for me, my guests seemed really to like it much. We continued the tour with pillow cake (bánh gối) and shrimp cake (bánh tôm). They took a lot of food photos because they was working as reviewer for their food website. They also wrote and published their book.

At last, our late dish was grilled bread on Hang Khoai Street. They was quite surprised to the cheap beer here.

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With the full feelings, we went back to the dating place. They would flight to Danang tomorrow  so i wished them to be safe and have good trip.

Street Food
We were walking on Long Bien Bridge


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