Free walking tour – unique experience for both students and tourists

Free walking tour - unique experience for both students and tourists

My life‘s made up of various unfinished pictures and each walking tour seems to add a color on them. This solo walking tour ain’t an exception.
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Picking up

My guest was a Nigerian lady living in the famous ancient country of fog who had booked a half day tour by 9 am on August 16, 2016. Punctuality is always the best. 5 minutes earlier was a perfect time to check-in and calm down before the guest came out to meet up. A chocolate-colored complexion lady with lovely hairstyle appeared which caught my eyes right away and we quickly recognized each other.

During the walking tour

Our journey started at Hang Chieu, so O Quan Chuong was absolutely our first destination. However, a willing introduction since the very first moment was a must which made things more natural and helped us more comfortable to talk later on. She was a fourth-year medical student who is always busy studying but prefers to make the best use of her spare time to travel, and this was her first time to Hanoi.Free walking tour - unique experience for both students and tourists
The weather kinda nice to us. Although we’d been continuously walking to famous sites such as Hanoi Ceramic Mosaic Mural giving an overview of Vietnam culture in general and Hanoi in particular, Long Bien bridge with reminiscence of French colonization, Bot Hang Dau, etc., on our faces dropped not a single sweat. Onyinye, the lady, said the autumn of Hanoi had taken far more of her love towards this thousand-year city. Especially when we stopped by Dong Xuan market, she got overwhelmed by the variety of products. The paper fan painted with Vietnamese women appeared to catch all of her sight, so she decided to buy it right away for her mural decoration at home.
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Free walking tour - unique experience for both students and tourists
It seemed weird when we’re walking, and everybody on the streets kept staring at us, exactly at her. She did wonder why she got that much attention, so I explained to her about Vietnamese’s preference towards skin colors, and how rarely they’d seen people with the skin color like her in Hanoi. It’s just curiosity, so we kept walking as if we were celebrities and I told her to wave hands like Queen’s wave. We made fun out of it by the way.


We headed up with our walking tour through the French Quarter and had some check around shoe stores to buy a gift for her mother. The walking tour came to an end by her treat at Banh Mi 25. These last moments were the best when we could sit calmly and share the most about our life, our family, and even our future. Saying good-bye but she didn’t forget to invite me one day when there’s my chance of wandering in London, she would absolutely be my tourguide so that we can be the celebrities on streets again but this time I would be the noticed one as the shortest guy of the city.


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