Hanoi Free City Tour

Syed Zahid, Bin, Syed Zakaria with girls in Ao dai

Do you want to explore Hanoi with a local guide? Let’s walk with us, Hanoi Free Walking Tours!

Guests : Syed Zahid, Bin, Syed Zakaria

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Picking up

This was my first tour since I joined the club, Hanoi Free Walking Tours so I was a bit nervous. I came to the hotel, and in front of me were 4 boy and man. They were my partner and 3 amazing Malaysian guests. We greeted each other and started the tour immediately. It was so excited because our guests were really friendly.

During the tour

Because their hotel was near to Restored Sword Lake, we decided to go to French Quarter first. This was the second time they came to Vietnam but their first time in Hanoi. Last year, they went to Ho Chi minh City together. Walking around the lake, we told them about the legend of it and the stories of Ngoc Son temple, Li Thai To monument as well. They were especially interested in legends. Bin also impersonated us when he tried to tell a creative story about the Restored Sword Lake after listening first sentences of the legend. He was successful because we couldn’t stop laughing. Then, our tour continued with this atmosphere in the whole time. Our guests asked many questions about the differences between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city, about Vietnamese alphabet, soldiers statue and traditional games. They took a lot of photos, especially with pretty Vietnamese girls in Aodai.

Syed Zahid, Bin, Syed Zakaria with girls in Ao dai

We kept going and went to Hanoi Opera House, Trang Tien Street. After that, we went to a coffee shop to make a video. Mr. Chi and I taught them some simple Vietnamese words then they helped us again with Malaysian. “Copi o ais satu” (a cup of black coffee) is my speech in video.

Our next destination was the Old Quarter. We introduced to them Trinh Van Bo private house, Bach Ma temple and Dong Xuan market. Everytime I began my mission as a tour guide, they all pretended to be reporters listening to the famous speaker. With helping from my main master, they were surprised because a normal person like Trinh Van Bo could donate his property like that. Tortoises and 4-leg fishes were also very attractive to them at Dong Xuan market. Then, they said that they had to come back the hotel around 1 pm, so we walked along Hang Giay to go back. I also told them a little bit about Hang Ma, Lan Ong streets on the way. I suggested them some famous Vietnamese cuisine, but they said that they could not eat Bun Cha because their religion does not allow people to eat pork. They also went into a Toys Shop near the hotel to see Dead Pool, Superman and Helo Kitty.

Tortoises and 4-leg fishes at Dong Xuan market

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It was hard to say goodbye, always. Three guys, three characteristics but when they are together, it was an amazing squad. They were really friendly, funny and unique. They invited us to have dinner together but both of us were not free in the evening. Therefore, we exchanged contacts, then Chi and I wished them a wonderful trip in Hanoi. They promised that they would be tour guides for us if we had a chance to visit Kuala Lumpur. We said goodbye with big hugs. A memorable time!

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