Hanoi Old Quarter And French Quarter Walking Tour

Hanoi Old Quarter and French Quarter Walking Tour
Posing on the bank of Hoan Kiem Lake

Hanoi Old Quarter and French Quarter walking tour, an amazing tour with 2 girls coming from Bern, Switzerland. This is the first time I was on a tour by myself, it was, somehow, really scared and nervous. But it turned out the best tour ever and now I want to experience more and more.

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Picking up

At home, I had already planned that I would bring my guests to Hanoi Old Quarter and French Quarter because those places are near their hotel. However, when I came to their homestay, the host told me that they had already drawn to them a schedule to see around Hanoi. They wanted me to guide them to Hoa Lo prison and Women museum which are a bit far from the homestay, and they had already told my guests about that. Moreover, I’ve never come to Women museum yet. Therefore, I told my guests that I wanted to change the schedule and they agreed, the host somehow didn’t satisfy.

During the tour

After that, we started the tour. (Then, my guests told me the homestay didn’t tell them about any schedule and they wanted to walk not traveled by taxis)
At first, I led them to the house no. 48 Hang Ngang Street, then White Horse Temple, Ancient House on Ma May street. That is Hanoi Old quarter. Then, we walked to the pedestrian area along the lake to go to the French Quarter. They really liked the pedestrian streets where there is no sound of traffic. Both of them were really scared of the traffic in Vietnam.

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Hanoi Old Quarter and French Quarter Walking Tour
Posing on the bank of Hoan Kiem Lake

Besides telling them the stories or historical events related to the places, we also shared some other information of both Vietnam and Switzerland. Thus, my knowledge was broadened so much about their beautiful country.
Switzerland, a cold country has four seasons a year but the highest temperature normally reaches 25 to 30. However, they didn’t like the cold weather in Switzerland. Now, it is winter time in Switzerland so they usually chose this season to ‘escape’ to other warmer countries and they chose Vietnamese to spend the 3-week holiday. Due to the cold weather, Switzerland does not have some fruits like bananas but they have apples, strawberries, raspberries instead. Additionally, Switzerland does not have sea around, so in the summer time, the weather is hot and dry (opposite to Vietnam where the summer climate with high humidity). We also shared the information about religion, national flowers, studying, as well astravelling.
I realized that each time I was with the guests from different countries, sharing our own stories and experiences makes me also come to their country a lot. Why not? When I earned enough money, I will travel around the world. Rebecca is 23, Glaudia is 24 and they started to travel around Europe since they were in school. I believe one day I will meet them somewhere in the world.
Finally, I went with them to the Lake View Coffee shop at 11 Hang Gai street to try egg coffee. Rebecca liked coffee butGlaudia didn’t so she ordered passion fruit juice. Rebecca really loved the egg coffee and asked the recipe but I didn’t know it, unfortunate for them. They both liked this shop and noted down the address. We spent nearly 45 minutes drinking and talking. And the tour ended a little bit later than the intended time.
Hanoi Old Quarter and French Quarter Walking Tour
Rebecca with her egg coffee cup

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I walked with them to their homestay, shook hands and said goodbye. They thanked me for helping them to know more about Hanoi and gave me the compliment on my English speaking skill though I felt I was not as good. However, I was inspired a lot.

Hanoi Old Quarter And French Quarter Walking Tour
Glaudia with her passion fruit cup

Some facts about Switzerland in case you want to get there:
– You will be fined if bringing the fake things into the country though you might not notice that whether it is fake.
– The best time to travel to Switzerland is August (it’s sunny and comfortable)
– Budget is quite expensive. You will need about $83 for 1 night in a budget hotel
– People from Switzerland speak 4 languages (Swis-German, English, I don’t remember the other two). Additionally, the Swis-German itself is different from German, Swis-German speaking people can understand German, but German speaking people cannot understand Swis-German. Therefore, it is a must to know English.


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