Homestay in suburban of Hanoi

Homestay in Hanoi
Homestay in Hanoi

Around 6km from Hanoi center, tree houses made by painter Dao Anh Khanh are amazing place for visitors to experience “a life in harmony with nature”.

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Tree houses of painter Dao Anh Khanh
Tree houses of painter Dao Anh Khanh

Homestay in Vietnam

Homestay is new form of tourism in Vietnam. A homestay is a local family, often an ethnic minority hosting a tourist in their house for a few days or longer. It is an up-close opportunity for the tourists to experience rural life and gain a better appreciation of the cultural differences between western living and the more rustic life of the natives. Do not to travel far away, visitors can experience a holiday in homestay right in the suburban of Hanoi.

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Homestay of painter Dao Anh Khanh

The tree houses were built by Dao Anh Khanh in 1995 in Ngoc Thuy Street, Long Bien, Hanoi. This complex includes many small tree houses named Zen Space Tree House, Cosy tree house, Tropical paradise tree house, Sky tree house, Garden cottage,…

A typical homestay of painter Dao Anh Khanh
A typical homestay of painter Dao Anh Khanh

Each house has its own design, around 20 square meters, with many windows to get nature light. Visitors can make a retreat here, relax, enjoy fresh air or chat with friends at Sky tree house’s balcony. In addition, this homestay in suburban of Hanoi also has garden houses, stilt houses and floating houses that are very nice to holding a small party or enjoining paintings.


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