The Sudden Old Quarter Calling

A sudden tour turned out a great day to experience The Old Quarter with lovely guests coming from USA.

Guests: Renee, Meredith and Scarlett (From USA)

Hanoi In One Day

Hanoi Free Walking Tour (Part 3)

Picking up

I thought that I had a day off but Ms Diem Anh, our boss suddenly called me for a half tour in the Old Quarter. I took it without hesitant because it was the good chance for me to become a main guide. With this purpose, I started to go and came the hotel earlier 15 minutes. Even I got some trouble when the receptionist said that their hotel didn’t have information for this tour that day, I still found luckily them in front of the hotel. They were really excited to visit many places as planned. With the willing of my guests, our tour began easily from then.

The Old Quarter
Renee, Meredith, Scarlett and me

During the tour

Because the temple is closed at that time, we went to visit Quan Chuong gate instead. After that, Dong Xuan market was the next destination. Here, Scarlett said that she worked as a teacher in Ho Chi Minh city. It made me quite surprised. Maybe I was so hungry that i couldn’t determine the way to go back to the lake. As the result, we went astray nearly 30 minutes. Finally, we could reach to Hoan Kiem Lake. I told them legend of the lake before entering Ngoc Son temple. We walked around the lake and came to the Saint Joseph Cathedral. Unluckily, the Cathedral was closed. That’s why we went to Hoa Lo prison and drank a couple of coffee on Hai Ba Trung Street.

The Old Quarter
Renee and me in front of the ancient tree in Ngoc Son Temple

The Temple of Literature was the last destination of the tour. Although I really wanted to go with them for longer, I needed to come home in a hurry for some personal working.

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We said goodbye in front of the first university of Vietnam. My guests were a treasure because they were so fun, friendly and kind. Even though I made mistakes, they said i didn’t be worry about my bad. I thought that I learned lessons and experiences from that tour. I hope I will do good more in the next time.

The Old Quarter
Meredith and me