Things to do in Hanoi


Things to do in HanoiCome visit Hanoi! Expedia makes it easy to book Hanoi tours and find the best attractions. We have a broad selection of things to do in Hanoi for you to browse through and learn about all the most popular activities. It’s easy to find all the must-see Hanoi sights by looking though our list of all the most popular Hanoi attractions.
Whether you travel to Hanoi in the spring, summer, fall or winter, Expedia makes it simple to find endless Hanoi vacation ideas for any season. You can explore local things to do and popular tourism spots in Hanoi, then book a flight, rental car and hotel all with ease.
As the day dawns, see a community come to life with a stroll around Hanoi’s vibrant Old Quarter. Your guide provides intriguing facts and stories as you walk past historical sites. After a refreshing lakeside amble, enjoy a typical local breakfast in a charming café.
Explore the beating heart of Hanoi, the Old Quarter, also known as “36 Streets.” It is a close-knit community of people living in towering rows of houses, packed close together along narrow lanes. Witness residents and shopkeepers preparing for the day as your guide gives narrative on aspects of local life.
This part of town is also famous for St. Joseph’s Cathedral. Admire its Gothic exterior and note its similarities with the world-renowned Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. Morning exercise is a popular pastime, and the shores of Hoan Kiem Lake provide a calm and almost spiritual place for people to run, practice mind and body exercises, and even dance.
Having worked up an appetite, enjoy a delightful breakfast featuring Vietnamese cuisine like noodle soup or steamed rice-paper pancake with coffee or iced green tea.
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