Daisy is the flower of Autumn. These days, Hanoi wakes up with the romantic with daisy behind the street vendors.

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 The village of Daisy

In general, there are about 10 new flower villages have appeared around a 30-kilometer fa from the city center such as Kim Chung, Vân Trì, Nam Hồng, Bắc Hồng, Uy Nỗ (Đông Anh district); Tây Tựu, Đại Mỗ, Minh Khai (Từ Liêm district) and Đông Dư, Bắc Biên, Yên Viên (Gia Lâm district).

Located on the edge of Hanoi’s West Lake, the Nhat Tan village is blooming with various flowers for example chrysanthemums, globe amaranths, honeysuckles, carnations and especially pink peach. Although Nhat Tan may not the largest flower fair, it still offers some special flowers for each seasons in a year.
Daisy Street Vendor

Right now, it is the time for daisy. Daisy is coming to the city by the burdens of street vendors. With the advantage of easy growing, daisy is planted increasingly on the bank of the river.
This little flower brings not only the new out fit for the village next to the river but also more profit for the flower-plant farmers. All the services are shipping flowers, hiring clothes for visitors taking photos in flower garden and selling. Besides, daisy can be planted staggered easily with peach tree. These days, very little flowers are planted, mostly Chrysanthemum, Dahlia and Sunflower because of the rarity and the high price. Gardeners only maintain Peach tree and blueberry on the other side of the Red River.
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Hanoi flower village

Actually, Nhat Tan village is originally famous for peach flower. Peach, apricot and kumquat tree are the most important plants on Tet Holiday. Every spring, visitors flock to Nhat Tan village for peach blossom gardens where they can bathe in the red and pink blooms, which symbolize prosperity, life and love in Vietnamese culture and soak up Tet’s atmosphere.

About hundreds of ornamental peach trees make gardens perfumed with romantic blooms and intoxicating fragrances, and extremely colorful. In less than a month until the Lunar New Year, Nhat Tan flower village becomes more thrilling than ever. The peach flowers bloom and show off the beauty, not only attract people to buy flowers, visit and photograph.

Nhat Tan Village on peach blossoming day

Referring to Quảng Bá, Nhật Tân, Tứ Liên flower villages, many people in Hanoi cannot forget the rich traditional flower areas which are considered the first flower villages in the land of Kinh Kỳ. However, it is now very difficult to imagine their popularity.


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